Easter Decor

I realized this year that I am very lacking in Easter decor, which is very strange since Spring is my favourite season. Regardless, I was very excited to create some new Easter decorations to create the feeling of a light and springy household!

Bunny and Cross Garland

Jesus is the reason for the season, so I wanted to create some religious decor along with some bunny decorations. The first thing I made was a cute bunny garland and a cross garland. This is such a simple and cheap craft but turns out so sweet and springy!

It would look very sweet hung up on a mantle, if you have one, or use it on a table to give it the Easter feel. I do not have a mantle so I decorated our little cabinet top with the cross garland and took the bunny garland to my sisters and decorated her cabinet top with it.

I bought my ribbon at Dollarama, but you can easily get it shipped to your house from Amazon. The felt I was holding onto for years. It is a stiffer felt and it makes it easier to cut. Michaels has lots of felt options as well as Amazon.

Have a Blessed Easter – Wooden Sign

This was a part of my batch of experimenting with wooden signs. You can hang this up or lean it up against the wall on a shelf or cabinet to add a light and bright ‘Eastery’ feel to your place. For more information on how to make this sign, check out my wooden signs blog.

Hoppy Easter – Wooden Blocks

This is trending decor item I have seen at many stores and on influencer accounts and I just can’t imagine paying for something like this. It was so easy to make one for myself with my own customization.

I designed this pattern on my Silhouette and cut it out on Heat Transfer Vinyl. I searched online for free bunny images and came across these cute hopping bunnies. I added the dotted line in Silhouette and boom, done!

I have seen some really cute ideas of making these with the name of each family member on them, or using books instead of wooden blocks. If you don’t have a Silhouette or Cricut to use vinyl, you could buy vinyl stickers and spell out whatever words you want on some blocks and then just cover it in Modge Podge to seal it!

Here is a cute one I found for sale on Etsy that you can purchase if you don’t have the ability to make your own, or the desire haha.

Easter Tea Towel

Tea Towels are one of my favourite things to make someone for a gift because you can personalize them very easily, they are a useful gift, AND they are so easy to make if you have a Silhouette or Cricut.

I purchased this pattern from Design Bundles and then cut it out on heat transfer vinyl with my Silhouette. It was quick and gives my kitchen a little pop of Easter. The tea towel was purchased on Amazon in a pack of 12 and I use them for gifts all the time.

Let me know below what Easter crafts you have been working on and if you try any of the above! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Spring and Easter Season!

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Easter Contractions Worksheet

I went on mat leave in 2020 early due to the pandemic. I originally was going to teach until Easter but that changed quickly. I was teaching Grade 2 at the time and was preparing activities for Easter that I never ended up getting to use. One of these activities was an activity that had my students practicing their contractions.

I never got to use it, so I figured that I would share it one here for other teachers or parents who would like to use it with their child instead.

You can use the activity for the child to match the contraction to the 2 words that create it. You can play a memory game using the pieces or if you have a laminator (one of my favourite tools), you can print the pages on cardstock and laminate the pieces so that they last longer and can be used again and again. I recommend if you do this, that you first have your child color the bunnies so that they feel like they are part of the creation!

If you are a teacher, I would definitely laminate the pieces and then use them in a center for the weeks approaching Easter so that students can practice their contractions. You will also have them for years to come once you laminate them.

Please download and enjoy. Subscribe so that you get notified when I list more free worksheets!

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Heat Transfer Vinyl VS. Permanent Vinyl on Wood

I love making designs and art on wood. Wood is rustic, durable, classic, and so versatile. If you are making a wooden sign and trying to decide what type of vinyl to use on it, please read ahead to learn about some of the pros and cons I have come across.

I made some wooden round signs to test out the 2 different types of vinyl on wood, as well as a larger Home Sign. First off I would like to say it is possible to make nice signs with BOTH types of vinyl but there are definitely some pros and cons to each. Different types of vinyls might also make a difference in the look.

Permanent Vinyl Projects

I use Oracle 651 permanent vinyl on the projects I have done. It is very good quality and can be found at Michaels, or on Amazon. If you are from the US then I have heard Hobby Lobby is the place to go. (I WISH we had a Hobby Lobby in Canada!) I purchase mine through Amazon, as I find it to be similar price to stores and I can find more variety. Because I use black the most, I usually purchase 25 foot long value roll.


  • Takes less time to apply. (Just make sure you have Transfer Paper, otherwise this would be a nightmare.)
  • Easier to apply than HTV.
  • Holds it’s shape and does not bubble up.


  • You won’t always get as sleek a look. You will be able to see that it is a sticker when looking up close.
  • If your wood is rough, the vinyl will not stick as well. Make sure you have nice sanded wood when you start your project.
  • Certain clear coat finishes can cause your vinyl to peel up on the edges.

Heat Transfer Vinyl

I purchase my heat transfer vinyl off of Amazon but there are several places you can purchase it as well. Michaels has a large section of vinyls to purchase. If you want neutral colors I recommend purchasing off of Amazon because you can get a better deal but if you would like one time smaller pieces of Vinyl I would check Michael’s (or Hobby Lobby if you have one) first. You can get glow in the dark, sparkly, tye dye and many more types there.


  • A sleeker look if done correctly.
  • Looks more like it is painted on rather than a sticker.
  • Faster than painting.


  • Takes a lot longer to apply
  • Vinyl can get distorted if you are not careful.
  • Tricky to do if you just have a regular iron. With a heat press, you can get the more exact temperature you need.

My advice for using an iron:

  • DO NOT move the iron around. Press down on one part of your design at a time and then lift and press down again. I usually press down for 30 second increments and continue to check the design to see how it is sticking.
  • Set your iron to 300 degrees F. If you aren’t sure what that is, keep your iron on a lower temp to start and increase heat if it doesn’t seem to be sticking. If the iron is too hot when pressing, you can get brownish marks on your project OR you can also melt and distort your heat transfer. If you are transferring onto painted wood, you may also have paint smudges if the iron is too hot. 

Whichever type of vinyl you choose, take your time and you will be able to make a wonderful sign!

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Fabric Memory Game

This was one of my nesting phase projects. Due to the start of the pandemic and the unknowns, I went on my mat leave early and had about 2 months at home before baby arrived. I am not one for sitting around, so I quickly busied myself with some projects!

This memory game was so fun and simple to make. The most time consuming part was the cutting and sewing but was definitely not hard, considering I just made squares. You could easily make these cloth cards in to any shape you wanted though!

Time to complete: Plan a half day to work on this at least. I did it in chunks over the course of 2 days.


  • Fabric for the front and back. I used a canvas material for the back so that it was more durable and I used white flannel for the front.
  • Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) for the matching shape pictures. (or you could buy fabric spray to iron on your own shapes made from fabric.)
  • Sewing Machine
  • Iron

I used my Silhouette to create and cut out the shapes onto Heat Transfer Vinyl. I had a starter package of 12×12 sheets of vinyl that came with my Silhouette, so I was able to use those to make my shapes all different colors. If you do not have Silhouette or Cricut device, I am sure that you could also use spray on adhesive to attach fabric shapes that you cut out yourself.

Happy crafting and please share your creations below!

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Fabric Alphabet

This was one of my nesting phase projects. These letters are soft and safe to be around baby and as they get older you can use them for more educational activities.

Time to complete: I completed this over the course of a week, working on it for a couple hours a day.

Materials Used:

  • Jean fabric for the back of my letters to make them more durable.
  • Random scrap fabric for the front of the letters
  • Batting
  • Sewing Machine
  • Fabric Pen

This project was so much fun to make and was a great use of some scrap fabrics I had been saving onto for years.

The fabric letters are a fun way for your child to be exposed to the alphabet at a young age. You can also make multiple of the same letter so that your child can use them to spell out small words.

I made an extra letter L so that I could spell out my daughter Laurel’s name. I am so proud of how these turned out!

Please enjoy and share your creations below!!

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Bernat Knitted Blanket

What does a baby and a knitted blanket have in common?

Well, they are both cuddly and take 9 months to make!

Now, of course I am speaking as an amateur knitter. I know there are some expert knitters out in the world who could slay this blanket in mere weeks or days, I am sure. I dabble in all sorts of crafts and get distracted if something takes me to long, which is why it took me about 9 months to finally complete this basic knit blanket.

Butttt was it worth it?? YES!

This is my go to couch blanket because of the super soft Bernat yarn.

At the time I finished this blanket, my husband and I weren’t married yet. This blanket would be fought over whenever we had our movie nights. (apparently we aren’t good at sharing!?)

For our wedding, I gifted it to him as a gift to say what’s mine is now Ours. He took that as confirmation that it is DEFINITELY his and uses it all the time.

One of the best things about this yarn is that it doesn’t pill or get matted or stringy after you wash it. It has kept it’s ‘put together’ look and maintained soft after many washes.

I can not find the exact color of yarn I used but it is the Bernat Blanket Yarn. Here is a white version it.

The Pattern for this blanket was found on the yarn packaging itself. It was a free pattern from Yarnspirations. This site has lots of straight forward, easy to follow patterns! I am currently working on another one of their patterns that has a few more steps than the regular stitch. We will see how long this one takes.

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Wooden Round Signs

These beautiful signs can replace wreathes, be art on your walls and are great seasonal decor items. This has been something that I have seen a lot of lately in the various crafting blogs and pages I follow and I LOVE IT. I love anything involving wood and the Silhouette! There are so many types of signs you can make. I am also loving the crisp white decor vibes that are trending right now, so I had to add those into each of these signs.

Time to Make: A day – just to give yourself drying time for the paint. Assembly and painting only took around 30 mins. total.

Materials used:

The wooden rounds that I have purchased are very thin. I like this because they aren’t as heavy to hang, but the one downside is I can’t put screws or nails in the back. However, hot glue works great to attach string or lace.  I also ordered command hook stickies to hang the rounds so that you don’t see any hooks.

The first one I made was The Ochitwa’s sign. I have always wanted to do a project with our name and make something to display. I am very happy with how this turned out. The Easter and Welcome signs I did right after, and tweaked a few things based on what I learned from my first sign.

The vinyl used on The Ochitwa sign is made from heat transfer vinyl and on the Welcome and Easter sign I used permanent 651 vinyl. There are pros and cons to using each.

The one aspect that people may not think about at the beginning when making signs is the font. There are so many amazing fonts to use. You can find thousands of free fonts for personal use online but it is important to note that if you wish to create signs to sell you must purchase a commercial license for the font.

Overall I was very happy with how these signs turned out! Normally I can’t make something look this good on my first try.

I did forget to spray a clear coat on my Ochitwa sign before adding all the greenery (I was too excited!) so that’s why it has more of a matte look but, it also shows a bit more flaws from my heat transfer because of this.

I will definitely be making more signs soon! I want to try and make some using stencils to paint. We will see how that turns out in comparison.

Happy crafting!

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My 2 Favourite Crafting Tools

Silhouette Cameo 4

This is the priciest crafting tool I own but by FAR the most versatile. I can do MANY projects with this baby, including:

  • Heat Transfer onto clothing
  • Homemade signs – see my Wooden Sign Blog
  • Removable wall vinyl
  • Cutting out letter’s, words, pictures on paper – I created many bulletin board letters for my classroom with this.
  • Cuts thin fabric and felt
  • Create templates for painting – I made stencils for my father-in-laws Trans Am he is working on so that he could paint the Trans Am logos on accurately.
  • Many other applications I have yet to try including, creating stickers, cards, layered shadow box pictures, to name a few.

The software for the Silhouette takes a bit of learning to navigate but there are several video tutorials that you can find online that explains the software. I am still learning all the tools it has.

One of my favourite features on this program is how easy it is to create a file to cut or print of a hand drawn design. I took pictures of my niece’s drawings and printed them out on heat transfer vinyl and put them on tea towels. They were given as birthday gifts to her Grandma and Great Grandma.

I also like that I can access the Silhouette Studio without having to be on wifi. This was one of the big reasons I chose the Silhouette over the Cricut models. I can take my laptop anywhere and work on designs. You have to be on wifi to work in the Circut design studio.

Where can you purchase one??

I bought my Silhouette Cameo 4 through Amazon on a sale day, BUT they currently cost $455. However, Costco Canada now carries them and you save $150 by purchasing it through Costco online. It is only $300. If you don’t have a Costco card you can also purchase it for cheaper through Michaels Canada at a cost of $350.


Considering this only cost me $30 to buy, I would say I have gotten really great use out of it for my classroom and for at home. Some of the things I have used it for include:

You could also make a reusable weekly menu, daily tasks, or calendar pages.

Lamination pages are also a great price on Amazon and one pack lasts a long time!

If you are a lover of crafting and have the budget to spare. These two products are definitely worth it!!

** Amazon links are affiliate links. I will get compensated for purchases made through them. This helps so that I can continue to grow my blog and create high quality content for all of you!

Check out The Cozy Chipmunk!

I recently tried out crocheting and found some quick and simple projects that are easy to follow for a beginner! The Cozy Chipmunk has created so many adorable patterns that you can use for free online or pay for a PDF downloaded version.

Materials I needed for the projects:

The first one that I tried out is her Tea Bag Bookmark. I am an avid reader and so I had to give this one a go! It was also a small enough project that I was able to finish it in about an hour and I am sure many people could finish it faster.

The nice thing about this project is you need very little yarn and you can use any colors you like.

The other pattern I just had to create was the Lil Boba pattern. My sister has converted many people in my family to avid bubble tea fans and so I had to make this Lil Boba pattern for her! This took me about 3 hours to make.

I loved making these two projects and will definitely be making them again as gifts for people. I also look forward to trying out more patterns that The Cozy Chipmunk has too offer.

Are there any good crochet websites you have found? Let me know down below!

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Floral Mobile

This was a project that started after looking at many beautiful floral mobiles on Etsy but not willing to pay the $100-200 price for one. (Now after making one I can see why they are priced so high).

The biggest cost of this project is 100% the flowers and leaves needed to make it. I wanted them to look realistic and with that comes cost. Michaels was my go to spot for the greenery.  I only purchased items in the 50% off section and it still cost around $60 to make. (I do have some extra leaves and flowers that I can put to use on something else.)

Amazon also has some nice greenery.

One rose on its own was $6 at Michaels. If I was patient I could have ordered some roses off of Amazon and gotten some for a lot cheaper, although I think the quality of the ones from Michael’s are better.

There are definitely cheaper options for greenery and flowers also at a Dollarama or Dollar Tree but I found the flowers unrealistic and shiny. They also didn’t have as many options compared to Michaels.

I also opted for a more expensive wreath base that is thicker.  It is definitely possible to make a beautiful mobile with a less expensive simple embroidery hoop but I like the woodsy aspect of the one I choose. It also made it a lot easier to weave in and place the leaves and flowers. 

To create the flower and leave strands I got out my trusty sewing thread. (actually I took my sisters haha) I used a needle and thread and put the thread through the center of the leaves and flowers. Once I found the spot where I wanted the flower to stay I hot glue gunned the thread to the back of the flower. Most flowers and leaves have a hole going through them already so it was a simple process to thread them on.

Hanging my mobile became another problem unto itself. I had chosen the thick wooded wreath for the beauty but soon realized it weighed quite a lot and the last thing I want is for this mobile to crash down onto my daughter. I went to Home Depot and found a hook that is for hanging items up to 10 pounds (the wreath is about 3 pounds). I also decided to put the mobile above the rocking chair instead of her crib. (JUST IN CASE)

Overall, if you have the time to specially customize your own floral mobile it is cheaper and you can choose the exact look you want. If you don’t have the time or patience, this Canadian Etsy company has amazing options!

There are also some GORGEOUS mobiles on Etsy that are made of felt flowers. (This may be on my crafting list for the future.) Check this beautiful wreath out!

Happy Crafting!

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