Floral Mobile

This was a project that started after looking at many beautiful floral mobiles on Etsy but not willing to pay the $100-200 price for one. (Now after making one I can see why they are priced so high).

The biggest cost of this project is 100% the flowers and leaves needed to make it. I wanted them to look realistic and with that comes cost. Michaels was my go to spot for the greenery.  I only purchased items in the 50% off section and it still cost around $60 to make. (I do have some extra leaves and flowers that I can put to use on something else.)

Amazon also has some nice greenery.

One rose on its own was $6 at Michaels. If I was patient I could have ordered some roses off of Amazon and gotten some for a lot cheaper, although I think the quality of the ones from Michael’s are better.

There are definitely cheaper options for greenery and flowers also at a Dollarama or Dollar Tree but I found the flowers unrealistic and shiny. They also didn’t have as many options compared to Michaels.

I also opted for a more expensive wreath base that is thicker.  It is definitely possible to make a beautiful mobile with a less expensive simple embroidery hoop but I like the woodsy aspect of the one I choose. It also made it a lot easier to weave in and place the leaves and flowers. 

To create the flower and leave strands I got out my trusty sewing thread. (actually I took my sisters haha) I used a needle and thread and put the thread through the center of the leaves and flowers. Once I found the spot where I wanted the flower to stay I hot glue gunned the thread to the back of the flower. Most flowers and leaves have a hole going through them already so it was a simple process to thread them on.

Hanging my mobile became another problem unto itself. I had chosen the thick wooded wreath for the beauty but soon realized it weighed quite a lot and the last thing I want is for this mobile to crash down onto my daughter. I went to Home Depot and found a hook that is for hanging items up to 10 pounds (the wreath is about 3 pounds). I also decided to put the mobile above the rocking chair instead of her crib. (JUST IN CASE)

Overall, if you have the time to specially customize your own floral mobile it is cheaper and you can choose the exact look you want. If you don’t have the time or patience, this Canadian Etsy company has amazing options!

There are also some GORGEOUS mobiles on Etsy that are made of felt flowers. (This may be on my crafting list for the future.) Check this beautiful wreath out!

Happy Crafting!

** Amazon links are affiliate links. I will get compensated for purchases made through them. This helps so that I can continue to grow my blog and create high quality content for all of you!

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