Competitive Egg Hunt

We know kids love a good egg hunt, but eventually they out grow it and it becomes a bit lame, BUT it doesn’t have to! My sister set up a competitive egg hunt for my husband and I when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter. I was 8 months pregnant running around our kitchenContinue reading “Competitive Egg Hunt”

Easter Decor

I realized this year that I am very lacking in Easter decor, which is very strange since Spring is my favourite season. Regardless, I was very excited to create some new Easter decorations to create the feeling of a light and springy household! Bunny and Cross Garland Jesus is the reason for the season, soContinue reading “Easter Decor”

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Easter Contractions Worksheet

I went on mat leave in 2020 early due to the pandemic. I originally was going to teach until Easter but that changed quickly. I was teaching Grade 2 at the time and was preparing activities for Easter that I never ended up getting to use. One of these activities was an activity that hadContinue reading “Easter Contractions Worksheet”

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