Our Homemade Baby Room

Well I’ve been wanting to do this blog post for awhile, but life got in the way! Specifically, we got pregnant again!! The day I launched my blog, I found out we were pregnant with our 2nd baby and this little one put mama through the ringer in the first trimester. I had it super easy with my first pregnancy, so I had it coming haha.

I originally had many plans for Laurel’s baby room, but I did not get them finished by the time we found out we were expecting again, and after that I had no motivation to finish since I knew the new baby would be taking over the room in less than a year!

Laurel’s baby room is a compilation of homemade decor, and I love it! Some of it was made by family and some of it I made for her. Let me show you.

Baby Blanket – This puff quilt was one of my favourite projects I have made to date. So much fun and so fluffy! Check out my blog all about it to see how to make your own. Please note, you do NOT have to have a lot of experience as a sewer to make this.

Cross Stitch – One of the first crafts I have ever made, was this cross stitch Precious Moments picture. My mom bought me this kit when I was in Grade 6 and taught me the craft of cross stitch. It took me awhile to complete it, but I eventually did and my mom got it specially framed for me! I had it hanging in my room as a teen and then my mom sent it up for Laurel’s room when I had her. It fits in perfectly. Cross stitch is such a fun past time to do and easy to learn at a young age. There are so many awesome patterns and kits out there!

Baby Mobile – This was a recent craft I completed for Laurel over the winter. I love floral mobiles, but they are expensive to buy. Turns out they are also expensive to make, haha! Check out my blog post on all the details of how I made this floral mobile.

Removable Vinyl on the Walls – This is where the magic of a Silhouette or Cricut comes in handy to make a SUPER simple yet beautiful addition to the walls of a room. I put Laurel’s name up with the intention of adding light pastel colored flowers around her name, but then baby 2 showed up on the radar so I decided not to finish. We will transition Laurel over to our 3rd upstairs bedroom shortly after baby arrives and so I am thinking I will move her name over to the new bedroom and add some vinyl floral patterns around it. The length of her name is around 2 feet long to give you an idea of size. Read my Silhouette Blog to see why I love this machine so much.

I also printed out a daily prayer to put on the wall. This is a sweet, short prayer that gives us a reminder to start the day out positive. I will leave the daily prayer on the wall for the next baby as well.

Homemade gifts – Laurel got gifted so many sweet homemade gifts, which means so much to us! Here are a few other crafty items that adorn her room.

A relative lovingly created a cross stitch of her Birthday and weight.

My best friend Erin, created the gorgeous L out of paper! She has her own art website called www.erinsidloski.com. She is known for her amazing paintings and is open to commissions. I also put a gorgeous picture depicting the Virgin Mary, baby Jesus and a lamb up on her wall. This was made by one of my relatives by using Modge Podge to transfer a picture onto wood.

I love that my baby room is full of such meaningful, homemade items. I look forward to adding more to it and changing it a bit for our new arrival in November!

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