DIY Ghostly Garland

Halloween is almost upon us and I am slow on creating the blog posts of all my projects. I am also 1 month away from baby 2, so taking things a bit slower lately.

BUT, even I was able to whip this cute garland up in no time and minimal supplies were needed! Also, this would be a fun and easy project to do with your kids.


  • White Yarn – for ghosts (also you could make orange and purple ghosts too, which would be really cute)
  • Black Yarn – for hanging ghosts on
  • Wooden Beads – to add a Boho look
  • Black felt – for eyes on the ghosts
  • Glue – for attaching eyes
  • Cardboard – to wrap yarn around

How to Make:

Step 1 : Making the Ghosts

  • Cut cardboard into a piece that is about 4.5″ tall on one side.
  • Wrap the yarn you are using for your ghosts around the cardboard 25 times.
  • Take a little piece of yarn and tie the yarn together on one side while it is still wrapped around the cardboard.
  • Slide your yarn off and cut on the opposite end of where the yarn is tied together.
  • Use another piece of small yarn to tie about an inch or so below the top of your yarn bunch and this will create the ghost head.

Watch this quick video below to see a visual of making the ghosts.

STEP 2: Add eyes to your ghosts.

  • Using Black felt I cut out tiny circles for my ghosts eyes.
  • After cutting them all out I glued them all on at once to make the process more streamlined.

STEP 3: Create Garland

  • There are two ways you could put your ghosts onto the yarn. I tied my ghosts onto the black yarn, that way I knew they wouldn’t slide around but you can also use a needle to thread the yarn through each ghosts head so they stay on the yarn as well.
  • I added a wooden bead between each ghost on my garland to give it a different look. Feel free to leave off or add more than one in between to give your garland some spunk of your own!

VIOLA! your garland is done. A super easy and fun way to make a cute decoration in your home. I strung mine from my lights in my kitchen but this would look cute anywhere you have space for it.

Show me your cute creations below or tag me on instagram

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