Easter Decor

I realized this year that I am very lacking in Easter decor, which is very strange since Spring is my favourite season. Regardless, I was very excited to create some new Easter decorations to create the feeling of a light and springy household!

Bunny and Cross Garland

Jesus is the reason for the season, so I wanted to create some religious decor along with some bunny decorations. The first thing I made was a cute bunny garland and a cross garland. This is such a simple and cheap craft but turns out so sweet and springy!

It would look very sweet hung up on a mantle, if you have one, or use it on a table to give it the Easter feel. I do not have a mantle so I decorated our little cabinet top with the cross garland and took the bunny garland to my sisters and decorated her cabinet top with it.

I bought my ribbon at Dollarama, but you can easily get it shipped to your house from Amazon. The felt I was holding onto for years. It is a stiffer felt and it makes it easier to cut. Michaels has lots of felt options as well as Amazon.

Have a Blessed Easter – Wooden Sign

This was a part of my batch of experimenting with wooden signs. You can hang this up or lean it up against the wall on a shelf or cabinet to add a light and bright ‘Eastery’ feel to your place. For more information on how to make this sign, check out my wooden signs blog.

Hoppy Easter – Wooden Blocks

This is trending decor item I have seen at many stores and on influencer accounts and I just can’t imagine paying for something like this. It was so easy to make one for myself with my own customization.

I designed this pattern on my Silhouette and cut it out on Heat Transfer Vinyl. I searched online for free bunny images and came across these cute hopping bunnies. I added the dotted line in Silhouette and boom, done!

I have seen some really cute ideas of making these with the name of each family member on them, or using books instead of wooden blocks. If you don’t have a Silhouette or Cricut to use vinyl, you could buy vinyl stickers and spell out whatever words you want on some blocks and then just cover it in Modge Podge to seal it!

Here is a cute one I found for sale on Etsy that you can purchase if you don’t have the ability to make your own, or the desire haha.

Easter Tea Towel

Tea Towels are one of my favourite things to make someone for a gift because you can personalize them very easily, they are a useful gift, AND they are so easy to make if you have a Silhouette or Cricut.

I purchased this pattern from Design Bundles and then cut it out on heat transfer vinyl with my Silhouette. It was quick and gives my kitchen a little pop of Easter. The tea towel was purchased on Amazon in a pack of 12 and I use them for gifts all the time.

Let me know below what Easter crafts you have been working on and if you try any of the above! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Spring and Easter Season!

** Amazon links are affiliate links. I will get compensated for purchases made through them. This helps so that I can continue to grow my blog and create high quality content for all of you!

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