DIY Fall Decor

September hit and my Fall decor is coming out. I created 2 different Fall decorations using several of the same fake florals from Michaels.

The first item I made was this super simple wreath. This is a very customizable wreath that you need very little supplies to create. Just pick out your favourite florals and greenery and start placing them into a wooden branch wreath.

The key to a simple, easy wreath is to make sure you get the branched wreath so that you can easily pop in your florals and leaves.

Materials for Wreath

I used zero glue to create this wreath because I tucked in the ends of all my florals into the branches of the wreath. It has been holding up very well!

The Florals I used
Fall Centerpiece

I then took my leftover florals from the wreath and used them in my table centerpiece. I got the basket from Michaels and the crochet pumpkins are a free pattern from Handy Little Me. They turned out so cute and it was very easy to follow her pattern! I consider myself a beginner in crochet so I think anyone would be able to create these cute little guys. Check out my DIY pumpkin blog for some more pumpkin inspiration and see how you can turn some cheap Dollarama pumpkins into something classy!

Materials for Table Centerpiece

  • Basket from Michaels
  • Florals – Mine were the leftovers from my wreath from Dollarama and Michaels.
  • Pinecones found in my local park
  • Yarn
  • Candle – mine is from Costco

Again, this is super simple to create once you have the supplies. Just start placing your florals, pinecones and pumpkins in the basket until you have the look you like!

What else would you put in your centerpiece?? Let me see your creations!

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