Pantry Organization and Labels

Who else watched The Home Edit on Netflix and immediately went and reorganized some section of your house?! This was 100% me. We had recently just moved into our house and the pantry was already a disaster, so I decided to tackle that room first. It also felt like a small manageable space to start with.

There were a few things I already had that I knew needed to be organized better. As a Christmas present a couple years ago, I was given a set of Tupperware containers that I had kept in storage until we bought our new house, so I figured out what baking supplies I used the most often to store in these containers. I also went out to Dollarama with my sister and we both stocked up on some cheap, clear containers to hold other food items on our shelves.

Containers from Dollarama

You can find storage containers at most home stores now, because of the popularity of The Home Edit. They have some nice containers created by iDesign, however, they are pricey, especially when you need a lot of them! I am so glad we checked Dollarama, because they had 3 different sizes of clear containers, maybe not as stylish, but very practical all the same and for WAY less money. Dollarama doesn’t always have stock, so if you can’t find any there, they also sell some in bulk for a bit more money on Wayfair.


  • Wayfair container link -These are the exact containers I bought at Dollarama. They never have the 2 biggest sizes in stock anymore so this pack is a great way to get all the sizes.
  • Ikea Wire Basket – I want to get these to store my potatoes in! So cute! Also would be cute to use for towel storage in the bathroom.
  • Amazon iDesign Turnstyle Container – This is the one container I could see myself spending more on, because a turnstyle is a great way to see all your items without moving everything around.

The last thing I needed to do was label everything, so that it is more aesthetically pleasing and convenient! This is where my Silhouette machine came in handy again. It is so simple and quick to cut out designs with this machine, and they look nice!

I used permanent black vinyl for this and choose the font called Beautiful People. I downloaded a free version because I am using it for personal use only. The best way to transfer permanent vinyl is to use transfer tape. I made the rookie mistake of not using this the first time and it was a nightmare! It keeps the vinyl spaced perfectly and also prevents bubbles from appearing under the vinyl.

I am so happy with how this organization turned out. You don’t need to spend a lot to feel like you have a refreshed, organized space!

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