My 2 Favourite Crafting Tools

Silhouette Cameo 4

This is the priciest crafting tool I own but by FAR the most versatile. I can do MANY projects with this baby, including:

  • Heat Transfer onto clothing
  • Homemade signs – see my Wooden Sign Blog
  • Removable wall vinyl
  • Cutting out letter’s, words, pictures on paper – I created many bulletin board letters for my classroom with this.
  • Cuts thin fabric and felt
  • Create templates for painting – I made stencils for my father-in-laws Trans Am he is working on so that he could paint the Trans Am logos on accurately.
  • Many other applications I have yet to try including, creating stickers, cards, layered shadow box pictures, to name a few.

The software for the Silhouette takes a bit of learning to navigate but there are several video tutorials that you can find online that explains the software. I am still learning all the tools it has.

One of my favourite features on this program is how easy it is to create a file to cut or print of a hand drawn design. I took pictures of my niece’s drawings and printed them out on heat transfer vinyl and put them on tea towels. They were given as birthday gifts to her Grandma and Great Grandma.

I also like that I can access the Silhouette Studio without having to be on wifi. This was one of the big reasons I chose the Silhouette over the Cricut models. I can take my laptop anywhere and work on designs. You have to be on wifi to work in the Circut design studio.

Where can you purchase one??

I bought my Silhouette Cameo 4 through Amazon on a sale day, BUT they currently cost $455. However, Costco Canada now carries them and you save $150 by purchasing it through Costco online. It is only $300. If you don’t have a Costco card you can also purchase it for cheaper through Michaels Canada at a cost of $350.


Considering this only cost me $30 to buy, I would say I have gotten really great use out of it for my classroom and for at home. Some of the things I have used it for include:

You could also make a reusable weekly menu, daily tasks, or calendar pages.

Lamination pages are also a great price on Amazon and one pack lasts a long time!

If you are a lover of crafting and have the budget to spare. These two products are definitely worth it!!

** Amazon links are affiliate links. I will get compensated for purchases made through them. This helps so that I can continue to grow my blog and create high quality content for all of you!

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