DIY Yarn Santa Ornament

Tis the Season of CHIRSTMAS CRAFTS! Out of all the holiday seasons, this is by far my favourite. Yes, I am one of those early decorators. My feeling is, if decorations bring you joy, then decorate as early as you want!

This little DIY craft is something that I’ve been seeing floating around online so I had to try it for myself. It takes only a few materials and very little time to make and would be a fun craft to do with a class of Gr. 4 or up, or your kids as well!


  • Yarn for the Hat and Santa beard
  • Bead or small cotton ball for nose – I got my beads in a large pack on Amazon.
  • Paper towel or toilet paper roll
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue

How to Make:

STEP 1 – Cut Paper Towel Roll

Cut a small part off your paper towel roll. This will be the rim of your hat.

STEP 2 – Wrap Yarn for Hat

Find a book or item that is roughly 4 inches wide and not very thick to wrap your yarn around. I wrapped my yarn around my crochet bag 35 times to have the perfect amount of yarn for my ornament hat. Once you are done wrapping it. Cut one side so you have 35 strands of yarn.

STEP 3 – Loop Yarn onto Paper Towel Roll

Fold your yarn in half and loop around the edge of your paper towel roll, placing the hanging yarn strands through the top hole. Pull tight and let the yarn hang. Do this until the entire paper towel roll is covered and can no longer be seen.

STEP 4 – Push Yarn Through Opening

Push all the yarn strands inside the paper towel roll and have them come out the other side. Then tie a string around the strands where you want the top of the hat to be.

STEP 5 – Trim Your Hat

Trim the yarn of the pom pom of your hat until you have your desired shape.

STEP 6 – Stuff Your Hat

I used all of the excess yarn that I cut off the hat to stuff into my hat and then added more yarn if it didn’t fill it enough. You can also stuff with cotton, or any scrap fabric material.

STEP 7 – Make a Pom Pom for Santa’s Beard

There are many ways to make a pom pom so do this whatever way you know best! I found a super simple way to make one just using my hand. I wrapped the yarn around my 4 fingers about 25 times. I tied the yarn together on one side and then slid it off my hand. Using that same piece of yarn I tied the yarn together in the middle so equal amounts of yarn were on both sides. Once it is tied together, cut the loops of your yarn and boom you have a pom pom!

STEP 8 – Glue Together

The last step is easy, glue together all your pieces! Place some hot glue on the inside of your hat and stick the Santa beard pom pom to it. Then take your bead, or cotton ball and glue in place for the nose! Your cute little ornament is ready to go. Just add a string for hanging!

These cute little Santa’s are a perfect homemade edition to your tree or added to a gift. I am making homemade ornaments to go with all the tags on my presents this year. They are such a cute and simple craft to give to others during the holidays.

Let me know if you make any and tag me on instagram

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