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Cardboard Box Car

Want a way to keep your toddler occupied with an old box and a few odds and ends?? Make a box car! Such an inexpensive and easy way to make something your child can play with for hours. (well maybe not hours all at once, but a solid 20 mins) This is also a greatContinue reading “Cardboard Box Car”

Crochet Vegetables

I finally got this post done! The 5 vegetables I crocheted for my daughter for part of her Christmas gift. The patterns I found were very straightforward and easy to follow and if you are new to crochet, and you have a bit of patience, you can easily create these sweet little veggies! I loveContinue reading “Crochet Vegetables”

DIY Gnome Ornament

Gnomes seem to be all the hype the past few years and doesn’t seem to be dying down. I created some sweet and simple gnome ornaments a couple years ago. I made some for my own house and then while I was teaching, we had a winter carnival at our school and I ran anContinue reading “DIY Gnome Ornament”

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A teacher and a mom just crafting my way through life. I love trying my hand at all ranges of crafts and DIY. I am here to share what I discover and maybe teach you a few things you didn’t know before. Glad to have you on this journey with me!

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