Easter Contractions Worksheet

I went on mat leave in 2020 early due to the pandemic. I originally was going to teach until Easter but that changed quickly. I was teaching Grade 2 at the time and was preparing activities for Easter that I never ended up getting to use. One of these activities was an activity that had my students practicing their contractions.

I never got to use it, so I figured that I would share it one here for other teachers or parents who would like to use it with their child instead.

You can use the activity for the child to match the contraction to the 2 words that create it. You can play a memory game using the pieces or if you have a laminator (one of my favourite tools), you can print the pages on cardstock and laminate the pieces so that they last longer and can be used again and again. I recommend if you do this, that you first have your child color the bunnies so that they feel like they are part of the creation!

If you are a teacher, I would definitely laminate the pieces and then use them in a center for the weeks approaching Easter so that students can practice their contractions. You will also have them for years to come once you laminate them.

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