Check out The Cozy Chipmunk!

I recently tried out crocheting and found some quick and simple projects that are easy to follow for a beginner! The Cozy Chipmunk has created so many adorable patterns that you can use for free online or pay for a PDF downloaded version.

Materials I needed for the projects:

The first one that I tried out is her Tea Bag Bookmark. I am an avid reader and so I had to give this one a go! It was also a small enough project that I was able to finish it in about an hour and I am sure many people could finish it faster.

The nice thing about this project is you need very little yarn and you can use any colors you like.

The other pattern I just had to create was the Lil Boba pattern. My sister has converted many people in my family to avid bubble tea fans and so I had to make this Lil Boba pattern for her! This took me about 3 hours to make.

I loved making these two projects and will definitely be making them again as gifts for people. I also look forward to trying out more patterns that The Cozy Chipmunk has too offer.

Are there any good crochet websites you have found? Let me know down below!

** Amazon links are affiliate links. I will get compensated for purchases made through them. This helps so that I can continue to grow my blog and create high quality content for all of you!

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