Spring Math and Motor Skills Worksheets For Toddlers

My first baby is getting older and is soaking up all the learning and my nerdy, teacher self is here for it! I want to have opportunities for her to learn with no pressure and to have fun! I have created some worksheets that can be used with crayons, playdough, or dry erase markers.

Reason #438 why I love my laminator is for making pages like these! By laminating these pages, it makes it a fun worksheet that can be used with playdough or a dry erase marker. Amazon sells a very affordable laminator. This is the one I own.

My oldest daughter Laurel has been loving using playdough lately so I have laminated most of the pages for her to use with playdough. She currently loves counting and singing the alphabet. I have created lots of alphabet and letters for learning activities but I didn’t have any number or math activities. These worksheets give me a way to work with numbers with my daughter.

Here is a fantastic free resource that I found on Teachers Pay Teachers, created by CaHill’s Creation, that work on numbers 1 – 10. Free Worksheet

The number pages are a bit advanced for my daughter right now but even using them as a mat to play with playdough, she is seeing the numbers and helps in recognition.

My favourite play dough mats to use with Laurel currently are the Butterfly, Flower and Ladybug pages. I love that they are only partial pictures and she can use her playdough to create the flowers or add dots or patterns to the lady bugs or butterflies. You can find these free pages on Itsy Bitsy Fun.

Butterfly, Flower and Ladybug Pages

The other pages Laurel loves to use with playdough right now are the face and body pages. It is a great way for me to ask her the parts of the body and see if they can pick out where they are, as well as placing the playdough on the face. These pages are also fun to use with dry erase markers! Makes it easier to add details. You can find these awesome free printables on picklebum’s website.

Face and Body Printables

Lastly, I created some math pages that could be used with playdough or the dry erase markers. These pages are geared more for PreK-Gr. 1 age group and are designed to be worked through with an adult. Included is also 2 pages of trace the lines, to practice motor skills. These could also be printed out on regular paper and used to have your child practice cutting along the lines.

I hope you can find some use for these worksheets, just as I have. If you do not want to laminate your pages you can also get sleeve protectors and they work decently well for using with playdough or dry erase as well!

If you are looking for more worksheet activites for Toddlers check out these other blogs!

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