Competitive Egg Hunt

We know kids love a good egg hunt, but eventually they out grow it and it becomes a bit lame, BUT it doesn’t have to!

My sister set up a competitive egg hunt for my husband and I when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter. I was 8 months pregnant running around our kitchen and dining room hunting for all the eggs. But what made it so different? The winner was the first one to find all the letters to the word Easter. I ended up winning haha. It was great!


  • Sharpie
  • Plastic Eggs
  • Candy to fill eggs
  • Prize for the winner

Label all of your eggs with the letters of EASTER (or another word of your choice). The key however, is to make only ONE egg with the letter R. That way, there can only be one winner! Also, plan to hide this egg in the trickiest spot.

Fill all your eggs with candy, chocolate, stickers, whatever you choose. That way even those who don’t win will still get some loot in each egg they find.

It is a super simple way to make the egg hunt a little bit more fun!


If you have an only child, or only one child old enough to read and make the word Easter, you can also make it a competitive solo hunt. Write out letters to several Easter words on your plastic eggs and see if you child can find all the eggs and spell out all the words.

Suggestions: easter, chick, egg, bunny, cross, jesus, risen, spring, pastel


I think you could also make this a fun classroom game if you are a teacher. You could write out your spelling words, or words of the week on eggs and the students have to find them in groups or pairs. You can make it so that every team has to find all their words. If the weather is nice it would be a fun activity outside!

I hope you have fun with this idea! Let me know if you try it below.

2 thoughts on “Competitive Egg Hunt

  1. What a great idea for older kids (or adults!) My brain is excited with the possibilities haha. A collaborative version could maybe be to have the letters on all the eggs spell out a clue for where the goodies are? And everyone has to work together to gather the eggs and unscramble the clue? 🤔 Egg hunts def lose their appeal after a while – thank you for the idea!

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