Hearty Borscht

This is my favourite year round soup recipe. It was one of the first homemade soup recipes I made when I graduated high school and moved out. My wonderful Auntie made homemade soups whenever I visited and that started my soup love. I also married a Ukrainian and was shown a different style of borscht that had no meat and few veggies but a very rich and creamy broth. Over the years I have adapted my borscht recipe to a very be hearty with meat and veggies but also have a creamier broth and not only do I love it, but so does my husband and toddler.

I find it hard to get my daily intake of vegetables but this soup makes it so easy to eat lots of healthy veggies and beans. I try to keep a stock of it in my freezer at all times, as it is a quick lunch or supper, especially if I have family or friends over.

Please enjoy!

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