30 Gifts and Surprises for 30 Years Old!!

My husband shares his birthday with our oldest daughter, so he often does not get a big celebration. I had to plan something special for this 30th! I decided to give him 30 surprises and gifts throughout the day to celebrate him and it was a hit!! He loved it and was so fun to pull off!

Here are all the 30 items and surprises I had for his special day!

  1. Breakfast! I ordered the Bagel BELT from McDonalds to arrive before my husband left to work along with number 2…
  2. Coffee! A large coffee to go with his breakfast.
  3. 30 Post-it Notes of Affirmations. I wrote out things like “You Rock” “I love you!” “You are a handsome devil” and I spread the sticky notes all over his car. I also had a card that explained he would be receiving 30 surprises and gifts throughout the day with a chart to write them in.
  4. 30 Post-it Notes of Facts with the number 30 in them. I found some facts on this website and then for others I searched things like 30 pound animals, $30 items, 30 year old inventions, etc. These sticky notes were placed all over my husbands work desk when he arrived at work along with balloons of the number 30.
  5. 30 pieces of gum
  6. A framed picture of our family, so that he has a family picture at work. – He said this was his favourite gift of the day!! He appreciated it so much.
  7. 30 Lactaid Pills -my husband is lactose intolerant and enjoys his dairy too much to give it up completely.
  8. A birthday card from our daughter Laurel on his desk at work.
  9. $30 starbucks gift card
  10. THE BIRTHDAY TIMES – I created a made up newspaper front page for his birthday that listed some birthday stats and an article about him.
  11. 30 Hug Coupons.
  12. Toilet Paper Roll -to help him with the “Dirty Thirties”
  13. Surprised him at lunch time at work and brought 30 cookies for him to share with his coworkers.
  14. 30 Radish seeds – He requested that we plant radishes this year.
  15. $30 of lotto tickets – and crazily enough he won $30 from them!!
  16. FitBit – We are trying to get more active and thought it would be a great way to start tracking and be aware of how active he is.
  17. 30 coins of a cheap cryptocurrency. My husband is really into cryptocurrency so I got him to buy 30 coins of one of the cheapest currencies and it only cost about 5 cents.
  18. Homemade T-shirt on my Silhouette. I bought a $10 T-shirt from Walmart and then ironed on this pattern I found off of Etsy. You can find it here.
  19. A 13min video compilation of Birthday messages and memories from friends and family.
  20. 30 beer
  21. 30 min TIMEOUT Coupon that I created. Find the coupon file attached at the end of this post.
  22. Surprise visit from his siblings and my sister after supper!
  23. A game for game night and to play with our siblings.
  24. 30 marbles – for when he starts losing his haha!
  25. Homemade Lemon Meringue Pie for dessert. His favourite.
  26. A special video message from Laurel, our daughter.
  27. Birthday trivia pages that I found and bought off of Etsy. It was fun to do with our siblings and parents! You can find them here.
  28. $30 – just $30 in an envelope.
  29. 30 min Massage coupon. Also can be found in the file at the end of this post.
  30. I crocheted a succulent for his office desk. He LOVES IT! You can find the pattern on Etsy here.

It was so much fun to pull off this day of surprises and gifts! My husband loved it so much. Some other ideas that you could use are:

  • 30 raspberries or blueberries for a snack in the day. (or chips if you want to go a less healthy route haha)
  • 30 cupcakes instead of cookies
  • 30 balloons in his car, room, office, etc.
  • 30 song playlist that you create for him/her.
  • 30 pictures of him/her through the years that you hang up.

Let me know below if you decide to use this idea with your spouse and tag me @the_expert_amateur on instragram.

Here is the file for the coupons I created for him. Please use!

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