Alphabet and Shape Matching Worksheets

My first born is turning into a active, talkative, busy busy toddler! This both excites and terrifies me, as she doesn’t stop moving and I have to constantly watch to make sure she isn’t getting into places she shouldn’t be.

She has been very interested in books the last few months and we read several a day. She also loves having me write down names of her family and friends. I kept thinking I should make flash cards and then I got the idea of making a little busy book for her. The alphabet pages and shapes were two things I definitely wanted to include. I think its good for recognition of letters even if they don’t know them yet. We sing the alphabet everyday and I always point to each letter when we sing it.

You can make the worksheet so that it is reusable or you can also use it as a one time activity. If you have access to a laminator or own one, I would definitely laminate it to last the longest. You could also put the pages in protective sleeves to help preserve them longer.

Materials I Used:

  • Photo Paper – I wanted a thick durable page and I also printed out other pages with family photos. Thick cardstock would also work just fine.
  • Laminator – I bought mine off of Amazon for a decent price and I love it!! The lamination sheets are also very reasonably priced.
  • Velcro strips – Dollarama sells long strips of these and then you can cut them to the size you want. You can also order some off of Amazon. I personally recommend purchasing from Dollarama, as it is cheaper and you don’t need a lot of velcro.

I laminated my worksheet pages and then I used the velcro strips and cut them into small pieces and applied them to the matching alphabet letters and pictures. I left the shapes without the velcro since it was just one page she can place them on the matching shape.

I hope you can find a use for this worksheet page. I know that my daughter is enjoying it so far!

You can download the worksheet below. Enjoy!

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