DIY Polaroid Travel Journal

Who has time to journal?? Probably not many of us, but it is so special to read if you do take the time to write stuff down. I rarely journal in my day to day life but I do like to journal during holidays to remember all of the fun things we did!

For our wedding, Logan and I were gifted a polaroid camera and that started the polaroid journals. We went on an Alaskan cruise and I took a picture everyday and journaled about what we did. I made it fun and just wrote down random facts, quotes of the day, interesting excursions and food and lots of doodles and drawings. It was a fun way to reflect on the day and I have looked at the journal many times since, as well as sharing it with our family and friends.

This is the first big vacation since our honeymoon and so I wanted to create a journal of our time and I am so happy I did! The style of polaroid photos is so romantic. I love the way it looks.

So all you need to make your own is:

  • Polaroid Camera and film – I have the mini one like this
  • Pen – I prefer the fancy Uniball pens or coloured fine tip markers
  • Journal paper – I like writing my holiday diary in a journal as I am gone and then when I am home I rip it out and bind it together so that it’s on its own. This way, I don’t have a bunch of loose papers that I would likely lose while I travel.
  • Tape or Corner Stickers to attach your polaroids.

I found this project really fulfilling and now it is a great keepsake for my daughters to look back on when they are older, because, I sure won’t remember all the details in even a couple years haha. #mombrain

Here are a couple other examples of the pages I created!

Hope you make time to create a holiday journal of your own! Whatever it may look like.

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