Simple Yarn and Bead Garland

Beads and yarn! These can be used in so many ways to make crafts. A simple, yet sweet way to use it is to make a garland. Just grab your favourite colours of yarn, some wooden beads, a needle and you are good to go.


  • yarn – whatever you prefer! I used a basic, inexpensive weight 4 yarn
  • wooden beads – I got this pack off of Amazon
  • scissors
  • book or cardboard to wind yarn around. (If you are desperate you can also use your fingers)

HOW TO MAKE – only 2 steps!

Step 1 – I used one of my daughters small board books to wrap my yarn around to make the tassels.

I wrapped it around 20 times to get the right amount of yarn for my tassels. Then use a piece of yarn to tie around the yarn on your book and cut the yarn apart at the bottom. Tie another piece of yarn around where you want the bobble part to be.

Step 2 – Once you have made all your tassels, use a yarn needle to thread the tassels and beads onto the string/yarn in the order you prefer! So many ways to customize your own.

Use your garland to decorate mantels, bookcases, walls, bedrooms, really any space! Also it is so easy to make these types of garlands for any season! I made one to decorate my bookshelf and my daughters bookshelf.

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