Bernat Knitted Blanket

What does a baby and a knitted blanket have in common?

Well, they are both cuddly and take 9 months to make!

Now, of course I am speaking as an amateur knitter. I know there are some expert knitters out in the world who could slay this blanket in mere weeks or days, I am sure. I dabble in all sorts of crafts and get distracted if something takes me to long, which is why it took me about 9 months to finally complete this basic knit blanket.

Butttt was it worth it?? YES!

This is my go to couch blanket because of the super soft Bernat yarn.

At the time I finished this blanket, my husband and I weren’t married yet. This blanket would be fought over whenever we had our movie nights. (apparently we aren’t good at sharing!?)

For our wedding, I gifted it to him as a gift to say what’s mine is now Ours. He took that as confirmation that it is DEFINITELY his and uses it all the time.

One of the best things about this yarn is that it doesn’t pill or get matted or stringy after you wash it. It has kept it’s ‘put together’ look and maintained soft after many washes.

I can not find the exact color of yarn I used but it is the Bernat Blanket Yarn. Here is a white version it.

The Pattern for this blanket was found on the yarn packaging itself. It was a free pattern from Yarnspirations. This site has lots of straight forward, easy to follow patterns! I am currently working on another one of their patterns that has a few more steps than the regular stitch. We will see how long this one takes.

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