Cardboard Box Car

Want a way to keep your toddler occupied with an old box and a few odds and ends?? Make a box car! Such an inexpensive and easy way to make something your child can play with for hours. (well maybe not hours all at once, but a solid 20 mins)

This is also a great activity to make with your toddler. They can help with lots of aspects of creating this car.

My mom made some box cars for my brother and myself when we were kids and so I was excited to create my own version for my daughter Laurel. Here is what I used to create Laurel’s car.


  • Box for car (large enough to cut a whole in for your child)
  • Extra box for parts – steering wheel and tires.
  • Paint
  • Felt – for decorations and embellishments
  • Fabric – for straps
  • Hot Glue
  • Scissors
  • Toilet Paper Rolls – for inside of the tires

Steps to Make:

  1. Cut out a hole in the box big enough for your child to easily put it over their body and get in and out of it.
  2. Cut out circles for the tires and steering wheel. I used a coffee container to trace out my circles.
  3. Paint! If your child is old enough and it’s nice outside, have your child use washable paints to paint the car and the parts. It was cold out so I opted to spray paint the car in my garage since I didn’t have a space big enough inside for my child to play around with paints safely haha.
  4. Cut out embellishments with felt or paper. Use whatever you have on hand to add details to your car.
  5. Hot glue the steering wheel and tires to the car to make sure they are more sturdy and don’t fall off during play.
  6. Add straps to the car using hot glue. This is to put around the child’s shoulders so that they don’t just have to carry the car around. Measure the straps first. As you can see in my picture below, I made my straps too long and had to adjust them later to fit my daughter better.

Show me your box car creations!!

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