Hey! Look Over Here!

Hi, I’m Ambria Ochitwa. Now, in person, I wouldn’t dare scream this phrase out loud to a bunch of strangers but apparently that’s okay if you are online and want to be successful in the blogging world. Get NOTICED! Soooo here is the low down:

I am a new mom to a wonderful baby girl named Laurel who was born in the midst of lock-down in a worldwide pandemic.

I have a wonderful husband who is in sales and can talk your ear off if you give him the time of day. (Especially topics that include crypto-currency, market gardens, and, well, anything business related). I love him dearly!

I am currently on maternity leave but my profession is teaching and I have taught for the last 6 years. Put me in front of a group of adults to talk and my face will be beet red. Put me in front of a group of kids and I’m thrivin!

My hobbies include ANYTHING and EVERYTHING crafty, bookish, DIY and cooking and..basically I feel like an olden day pioneer – acting like I need to create and produce everything myself.

My family has referred to me as a granny on several occasions throughout my 29 year existence so far. (I have had gray hairs since my early twenties so maybe I am some sort of female Benjamin Button?)

ANYWAYS, the point is. I want to share my love of teaching and crafting with you all and maybe, hopefully find some way to create a small stream of income for myself so I can be the boss of myself. (Isn’t that what we all want??)

Hope you follow along!

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